Schedule for the Jakarta Airport Train/Railway

Hi, I’m Sato. I have been living in Indonesia for 9 years.

In this post, you can see the timetable for the Jakarta Airport Train/Railway.







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Timetable for Airport Station⇄BNI City Station

First, the timetable for Airport Station*⇄BNI City Station.

“Airport Station in this post means the “Soekarno-Hatta Airport Station”.

As you can see the Instragram post below, it runs every 30 minutes and takes 46 minutes.


Now, the timetable.


You can see the timetable on the official website..

You can also check the schedule on Google Maps.

Here are the maps. Please click “other options” in the upper left box to check the schedule.

This map is for checking the schedule from Airport Station to BNI City Station.

And this one is for checking the schedule from BNI City Station to Airport Station.


Timetable for Airport Station⇄Bekasi Station

The direct trains Airport Station to/from Bekasi Station are no longer available.

Second, this is the timetable for Airport Station⇄Bekasi Station.

As there aren’t many trains on this route, I didn’t make tables.

Airport Station→Bekasi Station

  1. 07:50→09:20
  2. 08:50→10:15
  3. 10:50→12:10
  4. 11:50→13:15

Bekasi Station→Airport Station

  1. 10:05→11:37
  2. 11:10→12:37
  3. 13:13→14:37
  4. 14:11→15:37

In the post below, you can find the timetable for Jakarta Airport Skytrain which connects Terminal 1,2,3 and the train station.

Schedule for Jakarta Airport Skytrain @ Soekarno-Hatta Airport In this post, you can see / download the schedule for Skytrain (Jakarta Airport Station). If you want to see the timetable for Jakarta Airport Train itself, ...
I hope this post will help you. Thank you!
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