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In our fast-paced, globalized world, staying connected is more important than ever. The need for reliable, high-quality mobile service is paramount. That’s where HIS Mobile comes in. HIS Mobile is a leading mobile service provider, offering a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs. This article is your complete guide to understanding HIS Mobile.

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Charges of HIS Mobile

In this section, we will look at the following items regarding HISモバイル(HIS Mobile)’s charges.

Administration Fee¥3,300
Cancellation Fee¥0
Plans3GB:¥770・7GB:¥990・20GB:¥2,180/mo etc.
Extra Gigas¥200/GB
Domestic Calls¥9/30 seconds
Unlimited Calls¥500* or ¥1,480/mo*unlimited 5-minute calls

Let’s look at them in order.

Administration Fee

Note that HIS Mobile requires a sign-up fee of 3,300 yen, while LINEMO and Rakuten Mobile charge zero for this fee.

Cancellation Fee

HIS Mobile does not charge a cancellation fee. There is also no obligation to use the service for a minimum of two years, which was common in the past.


HIS Mobile’s plans and monthly bills are as follows.

GBCalls, Internet and SMSInternet Only
Below 100MB¥290/mo¥440/mo
Monthly Bill

*These 2 plans come with 5-minute unlimited calls

There are two ways to use the internet after you have used all your gigs. You can either continue to use low speed (200 kbps) or you can buy additional gigs. The purchase of additional gigs is explained in the next section.

Extra Gigas

The additional gigabyte of HIS Mobile is 200 yen per gigabyte. Other companies charge around 500 yen as standard, so it is quite inexpensive.

Domestic Calls

HIS Mobile’s domestic call charges are 9 yen per 30 seconds. Many other companies charge 22 yen per 30 seconds, so HIS Mobile is doing very well.

Unlimited Calls

HIS Mobile has two options for unlimited calls as follows.

OptionMonthly Bill
5-minute unlimited calling¥500
Completely unlimited calls¥1,480

In addition, the 20GB and 50GB plans, which allow voice calls, come with free unlimited 5-minute calls.

For ¥2,190, you can use 20GB of Internet and unlimited 5-minute calls, which is quite inexpensive.


HIS Mobile offers various campaigns.

For example, if you subscribe to HIS Mobile, you can get up to 3,000 yen discount on overseas and domestic tours at HIS.

However, HIS Mobile does not offer point rebate campaigns like LINEMO or Rakuten Mobile.


Procedures of HIS Mobile

We will explain the following points about the HISモバイル(HIS Mobile) procedures.

ApplicationOnline / In-Store
English PagesNot available
IDResidence Card etc.
CancellationOnline only

Let’s look at them in order.


You can apply for HIS Mobile online as well as in-store.

English Pages

HIS Mobile has no English pages on their website. If you have trouble reading Japanese, you may want to seek help from a Japanese friend.


When applying for HIS Mobile, you can use Residence Card, Special Permanent Residence Certificate etc.


There is no charge to cancel HIS Mobile.


User-friendliness of HIS Mobile

Here are the following items about the user-friendliness of HISモバイル(HIS Mobile).

Internet Connectionsometimes slows down
PaymentCredit cards only
Change of PlanWeb
International Roamingcalls・SMS

Internet Connection

HIS mobile tends to slow down the internet during the daytime on weekdays. This is because they use another company’s (DoCoMo) line. As far as I have tested, only about 0.5Mbps was available during the daytime on weekdays for both 4G and 5G.


HIS Mobile supports eSIM. The eSIM issuance fee is included in the administration fee when applying for a new contract, but a fee of 1,100 yen is charged for reissuing an eSIM.


HIS Mobile supports 5G; you must sign up online to use 5G, but it is free.


Only credit cards can be used to pay for HIS Mobile. Direct debit and other forms of payment are not supported.

Change of Plan

HIS Mobile allows you to change your plan online. If you change the number of gigs, the change will take effect on the next billing date.


HIS Mobile has an app that allows you to check usage, change plans etc.

International Roaming

HIS Mobile can be used overseas for calls and SMS. Internet service is not available.


This post introduced HIS Mobile in three points: charges, procedures and user-friendliness.

We hope this article will help you choose the right SIM for you.

HIS Mobile Official Website

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